Trial Attorneys Are Trying To Monetize The Covid-19 Disaster
November 2, 2020

It’s been more than six months since the pandemic first struck our economy, and millions of small business owners are still hurting. Yet a few trial attorneys see this disaster as an opportunity to line their pockets through costly insurance litigation. 

Here’s Exhibit A of what we’re talking about: Plaintiffs lawyer John Houghtaling’s recent profile in Bloomberg Businessweek, a piece which touts his Lamborghini collection, lavish dinner parties, and multi-million dollar real estate.

Here are the facts:  

To put it simply, litigation is a trend driven by greedy attorneys, and a misguided effort to alter existing contracts. The only true solution is government-backed pandemic relief. If you’d like to discuss this pressing issue with insurance industry experts, please reply to this email to reach the Insurance Information Institute.

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