Keeping promises made to Main Street, ensuring fairness for all customers.

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Insurance is a critical part of the nation's financial infrastructure.

Insurance carriers and related activities are an integral part of local communities across the country.
$629.7 b
Insurance carrier contributions to U.S. GDP in 2019
2.8 m
Americans employed in the insurance industry in 2019
$280 m
Industry’s charitable donations
$404.6 b
In claims insurers paid to customers in 2019

Financial First Responders.

Insurance has supported commerce and provided stability in America for hundreds of years, and while technology has changed, many foundational concepts remain the same.

Risk-based pricing—the fair and accurate pricing of risk—is what enables insurance products to be accessible and available to customers in times of need.

Maintaining fairness while accelerating innovation.

Insurers are not sitting still. Working with regulators, technologists, and academics, the industry continues to refine underwriting models using advanced analytics and artificial intelligence to keep pace with innovation and evolving customer needs.

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Insurance and COVID-19.

A global pandemic impacts all lines of insurance at once making the risk uninsurable. The losses stemming from such an event were never intended to be protected by a business interruption policy. Only the federal government has the financial wherewithal to cover pandemic risks.

Maintaining the integrity of business interruption insurance contracts keeps insurance viable and effective.

Learn more about business interruption and the insurance industry’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic

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