NEW RESOURCE: Explainer On Business Interruption Insurance And COVID-19
September 30, 2020
Earlier today, FAIR unveiled a new educational resource that offers a comprehensive overview of business interruption (BI) insurance and explores the need for a federal solution to pandemic recovery.

The resource breaks down core insurance concepts such as risk pooling, underwriting, insurance premiums, and industry surplus in a visually-appealing and digestible way through graphics and real-life cases. It also explains the purpose and physical damage requirement for BI insurance.
Citing industry projections, polling data, court rulings, and quotes from Members of Congress, the resource also highlights the consensus among the public, policymakers, and the legal community that the federal government should be the sole provider of pandemic relief, and that litigation attempts to retroactively rewrite BI contracts are harmful to consumers as well as insurers.
You can view and download the resource here. Let us know if we can ever be of any additional assistance on this topic. For more information, visit