AAF Convenes Experts To Discuss Urgency Of Government-Backed Financial Relief For Businesses, Including Business Interruption Solution
September 29, 2020

Earlier today, the American Action Forum (AAF) hosted an event convening experts to discuss the urgency of government-backed financial relief for businesses whose incomes have suffered under the coronavirus pandemic conditions and what challenges lie ahead.

Entitled “Assessing Financial Support for Businesses During the Pandemic,” the discussion was centered on the following key topics:

Among the event participants was Insurance Information Institute (Triple-I) CEO Sean Kevelighan. In a discussion with AAF’s Director of Financial Services Policy Thomas Wade, Kevelighan provided an overview of the business interruption (BI) insurance landscape in the context of the pandemic. Key highlights included:

Relatedly, you also can learn more about this discussion and the broader state-of-play for business relief from a companion report released yesterday by Thomas Wade. For more information on the ongoing business interruption debate, visit