A Growing List Of Court Decisions Affirms The Necessity Of Direct Physical Damage For Business Interruption Insurance
April 28, 2021

Business interruption (BI) policies are not designed to cover pandemics and necessitate a direct physical loss to property to be activated. As such, the widespread litigation against insurers, attempting to alter BI policies to cover pandemic-related income losses, is a misguided effort that places the interests of attorneys ahead of business owners’.

To date, there has been an increasing number of court rulings affirming insurers’ position:

As highlighted in FAIR’s one-minute explainer video below, trial attorneys’ attempts to retroactively include the uninsurable pandemic risk in business interruption insurance contracts is detrimental to policyholders, communities, insurers, and economic growth. Insurers are doing what they can in response to the pandemic, as they work to keep their promises to policyholders for covered catastrophe losses such as hurricane damage.

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