A Federal Court May Have Just Turned Missouri Into A Hotbed For COVID-19 Litigation, American Tort Reform Association President Says
November 24, 2020

The president of the American Tort Reform Association (ATRA) Sherman “Tiger” Joyce recently published an op-ed outlining a dangerous ruling in a Missouri court regarding business interruption (BI) COVID-19 claims. The outlier decision in favor of policyholders fails to take into account that BI policies are generally triggered by physical property damage, which COVID-19 has been shown not to cause directly. 

As the last few months have made clear, global pandemics are uninsurable. Rulings like the one in Missouri, as well as trial lawyers’ bad faith litigation against insurers, are a distraction from what is really needed during this crisis: a federal solution to help struggling businesses as they look to survive and eventually recover from this pandemic. 

Key highlights from the piece include:

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